Robot vs. Cyclops, By A.B., Age 12

March 31, 2020

Robot vs. Cyclops
By A.B., Age 12

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IT is the middle of February on a cold winter day. A lot of cars are breaking down. The small little town of Danbury, NH needs an auto mechanic. In the dead center of the town there is a small shop. It only has two employees, and that was not enough to fix all the broken down cars. However, one person needs to be able to drive the tow truck out and tow all the cars.

Bill and Jon are brothers. Who own and run an auto mechanic shop. The way the shop is built, is that downstairs is the shop, and above is the little apartment were Jon and Bill live.

Their dad, Mike, and his brothers, Adam and Mark, once owned the Danbury Center Shop, an auto mechanic shop. Until one day when Mike and Mark were out doing an emergency tow. They were driving down a hill and tried to slow down and they slid because of black ice. Sadly, Mike and Mark passed away. Adam could not handle the depression so he moved far away.

That left Bill and Jon to run the shop by themselves. As the two brothers are scrambling to find employees, an unexpected creature comes into the picture that changes everything.

Chapter 1

It is 8:59 on a Monday, the shop opens a 9:00. Bill and Jon had a lot of scheduled people to come in today, so it is good that the two brothers got a lot of sleep. Beep, Beep, Beep… Bill struggled to get out of bed to shut the alarm clock off. Jon was already downstairs in the shop plugging in the equipment because he normally gets up really early, he always has.

Bill yells down to Jon, “Hey since we don’t have a first oil change appointment until 10:00, I’m going to make some food.

“Jon replied, “Ok, I’m just getting the lift set up for this guy at 10:00.” Bill looked in the fridge and saw a few eggs, a pack of bacon, milk, orange juice, and other things. Bill took the eggs and bacon out, got the pan out of the cupboard, and put it on the stove. While the pan was heating up Bill put the news on the TV. Bill sat on the couch for a minute and watched the news. “According to the storm watch there is a 90% chance Grafton County could get between 7-15 inches of snow. The towns of Danbury, Alexandria, and Bristle, NH are most likely to get hit the hardest, the snowfall is most likely to start around 1:30.”

Bill yelled down, “Hey Jon!”

Jon yelled upstairs, “What’s up?”

Bill yelled back downstairs, “The news just said that there is a 90% chance Grafton County could get 7-15 inches and we are one of the towns that are supposed to get hit the hardest.”

Jon came running up the stairs to talk to Bill.

“If we’re going to get hit that hard, I think we should call the customers that are scheduled at that time and see if they can come in early. But if we’re are going to do that, we’re are going to have to work fast. We have our first oil change in half an hour so you will need to come help me set up down stairs.”

Bill replied, “Ok, I will go shut the pan off for breakfast. We are going to have a big dinner because of all the jobs we have to do. We’re most likely not going to have lunch either.”

“Ok, I will see you down stairs,” answered Jon.

Chapter 2

Mechanical noises came from the shop. Bill went into the little office in the shop to make calls to all the clients that were supposed to come in at noon. Bill picked up the landline and went to dial the number, but when he looked on the corkboard for the sticky note with the numbers on it, was gone.

Bill went to ask Jon a question but was cut off buy a knock at the shop door.

“Hey Jon do you know wher…” Knock…Knock…Knock.

Jon went to get the door, “I got it.”

Jon opened the door and saw a turquoise GMC Sierra and a middle aged man at the door talking. “Hi I’m Nick. I have an oil change appointment at 10:00.”

“Wow, its 10:00 already? Ok let me open the garage door and you can pull in.”

Jon shut the shop door and raised the shop garage door. Nick drove the truck into the shop and got out of the truck.

“See you later Jon, and thank you.”

Jon replied to Nick, “Ok, we should be done by 10:30-11:00. Bill and I are trying to get everything done before the storm. I got a question. Would you be interested in a part time job here at the shop, as a third employee?”

Nick replied, “No thanks, I already have a job as a plow truck driver. That is why I’m getting an oil change now because of the storm that is coming. I’m going to need my truck to run well for the plow.”

Jon replied, “Ok, if Bill will help me with the oil change we can be done quickly. If you want to hang out in the waiting room there is a TV with Netflix, if you want to watch.”

“Ok I will do that then,” replied Nick.

Chapter 3

Zit zzzit, the impact drill screwed the bolts back on and finished the oil change job.

Jon asked Bill a question, “Can you go get Nick and tell him that the job is done while I go and wash my hands?”

Bill replied, “Yes I can do that.”

Bill and Nick came into the shop and walked over to the register.

“That will be $54.00 on the spot,” said Bill.

Nick handed Bill the money and got in his truck. Bill opened the garage door while Nick sped away. Nick was going so fast a large box fell out of the truck bed because Nick had left the tail gate down. Bill ran over to the box to investigate. He opened it up and he saw a big round metal sphere with an instruction booklet. There were three big letters printed on the side, “GNG 2000.”  

Bill yelled to Jon, “Hey Jon come here!”

Jon replied, “Ok be right there.”

Jon came running outside and stood next to the box, looking in.

“I think we should bring it inside and plug it in,” Jon said.

“Ok, let’s do that then,” Bill says in a doubtful voice.

The two brothers picked each side of the box up and carried it inside. The two brothers plugged the machine in and it started to make all these noises. Then out of a little speaker the GNG said “I will fix all your mechanical needs within minutes, I…am….Gears N gadgets.”

Chapter 4

“If this thing really can fix cars and trucks within minutes, we need to get our clients on the phone and tell them to come here ASAP,” Jon said.

Bill responded, “We should test it on something, but what?”

Jon told Bill his idea. “How about that snowmobile that we got a few months ago for this winter. That Artic Cat is busted. Remember we were going to make it into a project? How about we use that as a test?”

Jon said what he thought of the idea. “That is a really good idea. Let’s go see if we can push it from the back of the shop into the garage.”

The two brothers walked out back to see if they could push the snowmobile out of the shed. They both stood next to each other and tried to push it out of the shed. Luckily most of the snow melted from the last storm but it was still really cold out and the ground was really icy and slippery. The two brothers pushed as hard as they could and still couldn’t get it to move.

“I think we could use the truck and use the winch to get it out,” stated Jon.

“Ok let’s do it,” Bill replied. The two brothers ran to the truck, hopped in and started the engine. They backed up to the shed. Bill got out and pulled the winch wire. They hooked it on the back of the snowmobile. Bill hopped back in the truck and drove back to the front of the house. Next they backed up the snowmobile into the garaged. The two brothers got out of the truck and unhooked the winch wire, putting the GNG in front of the snowmobile. Finally they hit the big green “GO” button.

Chapter 5

“Wow this thing really works!” Jon said in an elated voice.

“I can’t believe this things works,” Bill said in a shocked voice.

“I am going to get on the phone and tell everybody that was supposed to come in, to come now,” said Bill.

Bill ran to the phone and got on the phone. Then he remembered he needed the sticky note that had the numbers on it. Bill looked through the drawer and looked under his papers. He found it under an invoice. He had no idea how it got there but at least he had it now. Bill punched the numbers into the landline while Jon was outside looking in the bed of the truck for the jump cable.

Bill started to talk on the phone. “Hi this is Bill from the Danbury Center Shop. Is this Tom?”

Tom replied, “Yes this is.”

Bill replied, “You come in as soon as you can.”

Bill was probably in there for 15 minutes, but he called everybody and they said they could all come in. There was now a line of ten cars outside the shop.

Bill walked outside to talk to Jon. “We need to fire up GNG so we can get this done and relax,” Bill said.

The two brothers walked inside and opened the garage door as the first person drove in. Fortunately GNG had a cash register. So GNG could take the money from the customers! GNG also had a secret fighting mode that was meant for fighting enemies. In the booklet it said that this feature was for fighting mythical creatures, however, the brothers didn’t know it yet…

Chapter 6

GNG was on the last car when something awful happened. Suddenly their customer Nick appeared. Nick unexpectedly and aggressively sped into the driveway with his truck and released a CYCLOPS from the bed of his truck! The cyclops began to attack GNG.

Nick in a jealous tone started to talk. “I don’t like how you guys are getting all this business without having to lift a finger. Now your little pet shall feel the wrath of my cyclops buddy.”

GNG finished the last car, Don’s car, just in time and Don drove away very quickly in fear.

“I think we should try to put this robot in fighting mode and see what happens,” said Bill.

Jon replied, “Ok I will go flick the switch on GNG.”

GNG started to make scraping noises.

“What is my target master?” GNG asked.

Bill replied, “The cyclops! Get the cyclops!”

Metal fist’s and legs came out of GNG. He started to walk out of the garage and approach the cyclops. GNG pulled his arm back and punched the cyclops in his one eye. Then he grabbed the cyclops’s legs and slammed the cyclops to the ground. Finally he threw the knocked-out cyclops in the back of Nick’s truck.

Never come back here again! Go far, far away! Be gone!” GNG said in his robotic voice.

Nick got in his truck and sped away.

GNG said, “I have completed my objective master. What do I need to do now?”

Bill replied, “You have done well and saved our business. Our shop could have been destroyed.”

The two brothers walked inside and shut the door. They all continued being mechanics. They are safe and sound, for now.

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