Spaulding Academy & Family Services’s Residential Program offers a cottage-based nurturing community which fosters the fundamental philosophies of a family unit. As part of our ‘one community’ philosophy, we promote interaction and collaboration between residences.



Children learn and grow best in a warm, nurturing and safe environment. At Spaulding Academy & Family Services, our cottages mirror a typical home environment so that students are free to learn, explore and simply be children.

Every student’s residential experience is unique. Each student has his or her own room in their cottage to personalize with their belongings. Residential life addresses each child’s needs by focusing on behavior, social and independent skills development. All residential students are assigned a dedicated team to help develop an individualized treatment plan and to coordinate with school-based teachers to ensure a consistent approach to the student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Staffing ratios range from 4:1 to 1:1 depending on the needs of individual students.

We understand that the decision to move a child to a residential program can be a difficult one for a family. Our professional staff works with family members and referral sources to address needs and concerns throughout the process. While your child is on campus, families and guardians are encouraged to maintain strong connections with regular visits and calls.

After School Activities

Individuals that reside on campus participate in planned after school activities every Monday through Thursday. The therapeutic after-school program activities generally are physical in nature and incorporate a wide variety of skills and experiences. Introduced in a four-week rotation schedule, these club-based activities have included team sports, swimming, drama, dance, musical instruments, writing, crafts and cooperative games. Each activity has a therapeutic focus and all after school programs promote cooperation, peer relations, and sportsmanship.

Special Olympics

Spaulding Academy & Family Services students are also actively engaged in our local chapter of the New Hampshire Special Olympics. Qualifying students and non-qualifying student athletes participate as partners in basketball, floor hockey and soccer, while qualified students can participate in bowling and track & field. Staff will incorporate practice sessions as a seasonal component of the after school program.

Have a Question?

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a campus tour, please contact Pat Seaward-Salvati, Director of Admissions at or 603-286-8901 x202.

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