Life of Me, By M.D., Age 20

April 01, 2020

Life of Me
By M.D., Age 20

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Chapter 1

Well let’s start with me introducing myself. My name is Michael. I have a pretty interesting life that I want to share with you guys [The readers]. So, it all started in 1999 when I was born in  Concord, New Hampshire. I am Thankful to my wonderful Parents my Mom “Momma” and my Dad “Daddy”. My Parents and I were very close. We used to do a lot of fun things like  pretend riding a Harley Davidson bike. [Vroom Vroom Hahaha]  My Mother and I used to watch Pokemon because we were big fans of the series. Our favorite Pokemon Movie was”Pokemon 3: The Movie Spell of the Unown”. One of the funniest scenes in the movie, that we loved, was one of the characters Brock. He was facing off against a character named Molly.  Molly put out a Teddiursa we would both try to mimic it and Brock puts out a Vulpix and he goes “Now Go Vulpix!”  I did the same thing and my Mother would burst out laughing like crazy. That is one of my favorite memories of me and my Mom.  There are so many wonderful memories I can list.   While I was growing up I was a lot smaller than the other kids. That is because I found out that, believe it or not I’m a Dwarf [or a Little Person]. The reason I don’t look like one is because I have an extremely Rare type of Dwarfism called Russell Silver Syndrome RSS for short. The difference is that for RSS there is a treatment that is a growth steroids medication that I had to take until I was around 12. So, even though I might be smaller than most people [5 feet 0 Inches to be exact] it doesn’t stop me from being myself.

Chapter 2

I have lots of interests/hobbies that have been a part of my life for many years. Since I was really young like almost daily I study anything on Wikipedia that is something I’ve been doing  since 5 years old I think. I usually just find a topic that peaks my interest  on the Main Page of Wikipedia  and I just go from there. How I stumbled upon Wikipedia,  I think it was 13 or 14 maybe 15 years ago around 2005 or 2006. I can’t remember but it was the time I got my big desktop computer on my porch. That is when I typed in Hollywood, Florida and I saw the Wikipedia page for it and thought, “wow this looks interesting” and clicked on it and that how it was born. I learned so many amazing things thanks to Wikipedia. It has become a big thing in my life [among many other things]. I will always keep on studying it.

Some of my many other hobbies/interests is going for long walks, exploring nature, and taking some really awesome pictures. It really relaxes and soothes me. I also like to do painting as well and I paint whatever is on my mind. It’s kind of like Abstract and I love it. I also love to write poems about whatever, they could be about nature, rain/thunderstorms,  family, or whatever.

I also love to help out my Nana. I have lived with her for a very long time. I help her with doing the dishes, mowing/trimming the lawn, cleaning the house, and so many other things to help her out :]. There are a lot more many hobbies like watching TV. I like to watch the Science Channel shows like “How the Universe Works”, Documentaries on UFOs, Conspiracy, Mariana Trench, Outer Space, and the Universe/Multiverse [One of my personal all time favorites. Yes I believe in the Multiverse Theory where there are different infinite other Universes.]  So many others and on a side note I 100% believe in UFOs, Paranormal, and things like that LOL. I also like to watch the Military Channel to watch interesting Documentaries on World War 2 and similar things. I typically of course watch Cartoons and many other things :].

Chapter 3

Before I should go on about my life I should tell you all about my Family Backstory because it’s really cool and really interesting. So on my Nana side [my Nana is my Dad’s Mom], we go all the way back 1,220 Years ago to the years 768 to 800. There was a man called King Charlemagne and he was King of the Franks, which would later become the Countries of France and Germany. Later on Charlemagne would become the Holy Roman Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and I’m a Descendent of Charlemagne which I think it’s super awesome. My Family Tree through my Nana side gets a little more interesting and cool and fun. We go way back 500 to 900 years ago where I’m also a descendent to several ancient French Kings and Queens like King Louis to name one.  I’m also French, Canadian, and French Canadian on my Nana’s side. I don’t know much about my Mom’s side except I am German, Irish, and a couple of other things. My Family of both sides were involved in the Military. My Great Grandfather my Nana Dad was in World War 2 and he was kinda in construction because he made the roads right before the Atomic Bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. My Papa [my Mom’s Dad] was also in World War 2 in the Navy and 2 of my Uncles from my Mom side were in Vietnam together during the Vietnam War in the United States Marines. I think that’s really amazing.

My Nana used to tell me when she was growing up during the 1940s and 1950 there were no Cell Phones. There was an old fashion rotator phone in which you put your finger in where the button is and spin it and do it again on another number so you can call somebody. The TV was all old fashion and all black and white and what was on TV back then was the Andy Griffin Show, Lassie, and Mr Ed. For music back then my Nana loved The Andrew Sisters, Vera Lynn, The Chordettes, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Preseley, and the Legendary Man dressed in Black Johnny Cash [one of my personal favorites].  My Nana also said during those times there were no such thing such as the Apple Company or any smart Technology. Computers were around then but they were very different and they were huge. They were bigger than your refrigerator.

Chapter 4

School for me growing up was actually really good. Sure there were lots of ups and downs but I made the best of it and I made the bestest closest Friends I’ve ever had. Some of them since Preschool/Kindergarten. We sometimes joked about being close for 20 years but in reality we are very super close which I’m grateful for :].  It was extremely rare for me to get bullied by others, but whoever would  try  I would make it into a joke that is Light Hearted and very funny. That’s how I made friends very quickly like on the spot. I am a very funny person who knows how to make someone smile, and laugh :]. I had many nicknames throughout my life. Some of them are quite Funny like Weatherman Dupuis [I like to update Friends and Family about the Weather], Mr Popular [I got that in Middle School from several other teachers who noticed how many of my friends got so happy when they see me, talk with me, hang out and have fun with me, a trait that is still very much around Today], and so many others that are too long to mention. 

Whenever I have a problem in school especially when I was younger I will admit it was a big struggle whenever needed help on a question, or want to do something on one of  the playsets when I was in elementary school because of my RSS or because of other things. I always ask for help from either a Friend, a Teacher, a Para to help me to solve that problem. This helped me to adapt to life, something I still do today to help me in situations.

When I first entered high school several years ago, I met up with old close friends who at the time I hadn’t seen in 2 years almost and made a lot of close new friends who to me are like Extended Family. I made a couple of really close special Friends one was a very special friend of mine who I would sat down at lunch with, walked her to classes, and helped her out with stuff and with support as well. She really is one of the most special closest friends. Another very close friend of mine who always knew how to turn someone’s day from bad to just happy. She loved the movie “Frozen” and she absolutely loved the song “Let it Go” so much. Whenever that song popped up she would dance and sing to the song and I sometimes just join in with her and it would be lots of fun. I enjoyed spending lots of time with her but very sadly she passed away almost a year ago. I was very saddened by that but I always think of the happy times :]. Whenever “Let it Go” starts playing I start to either tap my foot to the rhythm or sing quietly I think of the wonderful times she and I had together.

Chapter 5

I have been faced with struggles many times in my life with my Disabilities but I always have found lots of postivities to go with that. In fact, I should name some of my Disabilities like my RSS [which I mentioned before], Autism, Aspergers, and PDD-NOS all forms of Autism, and ADHD. It was very tough for me when I was younger because I would get extremely hyper but all by myself  I would be able to control my ADHD. Now it’s naturally extremely to almost extraordinary rare for me to get ADHD Hyper at 100%. I also have a couple of stress disorders, and a speech issue. That is 99% most of the time  not an issue unlike when I was younger when people would have had a terrible time understanding me.

Another personal struggle I have was when both my parents passed away. They both passed away at different times but they both had unexpected illnesses and it was when I was young for my mother. I was extremely sad and I didn’t know what to do during those times so I started to ask for help and people like friends and family really helped me get through those tricky times. They helped me when I’m thinking of them. I think of the happy postivities memories of them like to go out for a long walk which I still do sometimes. I also write poems or paintings or be with friends and family, all which makes feel a lot better. I still miss my parents very dearly and think of them often.

Another struggle I have is for over a year now  I’ve been getting these mysterious heat rashes. It all started when I was at a summer camp. I was talking with one of the camp counselors and all of a sudden both of my hands started blistering becoming very warm/hot almost, and very itchy. Even the camp counselor was very shocked and bewildered by it but as weird as it sounds, it was gone  just like that.  Over the next 3 weeks after I came home from summer camp this mysterious heat rash moved from my hands to the rest of my body without any explanation. It would break out over my entire skin turning red, becoming very itchy, and very warm, and boy did it hurt. This heat rash can be cause by in my opinion anything heat related like hot weather, hot water, or  anything else heat related. The things that can be helpful against it is the opposite of heat, cold, which is why I drink lots of icy cold water every day, turn on the cold air in a car, or keep my body energy stable and much more. In Reality  the causes of this mysterious heat rash are still very largely Unknown and it can last depending on how bad it is like, from 30 seconds to 7 Minutes, though this time will vary. This has affected me in a variety of ways,  such as that I can’t take my long walks during the daytime when the sun is out. It can be when it’s Cloudy and cool. I also must wear clothes that are less stressful, like my Tank Top for example. I wear them most of the time with a Shirt over it. I do pretty much anything to keep my body cool and here a plot twist, it even occurs during the winter time. The downsides of this mysterious heat rash is, depending on how bad it gets, my energy and stamina will take a giant hit. If it’s not too bad than only 25% to 75% of my energy will be drained, almost making me pass out. If 100% of my stamina and energy are drained, then I would be really really close to passing out, tears in my eyes of pain and the next 3 days my body will be very sore to the point of me having my Nana’s cane helping me out a bit. I’m not making that part up it actually happened. My heat rash has drained my energy and stamina 100% or almost close only 2 times during the entire time. It’s actually not fun at all, but the great news is as of typing this I am trying out something a bit different and finally seeing a Doctor or Dermatologist :].

Chapter 6

There are a lot of awesome wonderful things I am doing and what I want to do in the future. I have a job internship at a daycare at a nearby hospital where I look after the kids and play games with them, as well as read naptime stories to them before they have their naps.  I absolutely love and adore it very much and the kids really enjoy having me there to the point where they asked almost all the time “Where Michael?” and  “When is Michael coming back?” and other things. Sadly my job internship is only temporary and is ending soon :[. I am hoping for another similar one in the field of Childcare because I know and believe that I am born to do this and this is my destiny. 

My No 1 dream job is working with babies and little kids with and without disabilities in a medical setting. I would be taking great care of them, reading stories to them, and be a wonderful big role model to them and making them very happy :].

Also on the topic of children I have lots of little cousins who I also care for very much. If I have to count them all, I have to say I think I have 20 little cousins who are from 1 year old up to 13 years old [most of them are Girls and 4 of them are Boys I think] and whenever I see them, I always have a wonderful time with them. It always makes me very happy :].

Anyway, what I want to do in the future is live semi independently [not sure about 100% independently],  have a  life partner [maybe get married], have kids, get a great job, and live a happy, quiet, peaceful, and private Life :].


So you guys [The Reader] are almost done reading my book :]. I hope it was really good and you guys [The Reader] enjoyed it. To be honest I really enjoyed making this for all of you :].  Again I  I’ll introduce myself. My name is Michael and I’m a 20 year old Student at a school call Spaulding Youth Center  I will be graduating on my 21st birthday on June 8, 2020 and I’m very excited :D. I have many friends here who I talk to and have fun with everyday.   I live with my wonderful Nana and have for a very long time now and I help her out with so many things like doing the dishes, mowing and trimming the lawn, and helping her out on a lot of things. I love her very much.  I also have very close friends and family and have many wonderful Memories that I will always treasure :].

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