A Family of 200 Foxes, By M.K., Age 9

March 31, 2020

A Family of 200 Foxes
By M.K., Age 9

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Once upon a time there was a family of foxes living in the big barn by the edge of the woods.  There was a mother fox, a father fox and two little baby fox.  They loved living there because there was a lot of room to play, woods to explore, and lots of food to eat.  The only thing the little fox family wanted was to have more fox in their family.  Mother Fox and Father Fox came up with a plan to go deep into the woods and see if they could find other fox who might want to come live with them at their barn. It was decided that they would go on their journey when night fell and the moon was shining.

Two nights later, the moon was full and shining bright.  The fox family headed deep into the woods in search of finding new fox friends.  It wasn’t long before they came upon a den of fox.  They went to greet them and was surprised to see how many foxes were living in the woods.  The Mother Fox began counting them.  Much to her surprise there was 198 fox living in the woods!

Mother Fox and Father Fox decided to ask them if they would like to come live with them in their big barn and play in their huge field.   The fox friends said “Yes” and happily ran to join the Mother and Father Fox and their fox family.

For many days the fox family played in the fields, and went into the woods to explore.  Their days were filled with fun and games.  They didn’t have a care in the world!

Suddenly one day they had gone too far into the woods and saw a big man.  They stayed really still because they didn’t know what the big man was doing in the woods.  They saw that he had a bunch of rabbits in a cage.  The fox didn’t know what he was doing with the rabbits but it scared them.  One of the fox said, “We better go back and tell the others about the big man with the rabbits”.  They ran all the way home to share the news.

Mother and Father Fox knew exactly what the big man was doing in the woods.  The big man was using the rabbits to try to trap the fox into cages and take them away.  Mother and Father Fox told them to never go deep into the woods because they big man could get them.  All the fox promised they would not go into the deep woods.

A few nights later, when Mother and Father Fox were sound asleep, the little foxes decided to sneak out and go play in the woods.   They forgot about the promise they made to stay out of the deep woods.

When they entered the woods, they were running and playing games.  They didn’t see the big man with the rabbits hiding behind a tree.  They saw the rabbits and wanted to play with them.

When they got closer the big man jumped out and dropped a big cage on all of the fox.  The big man then got his truck and loaded up the cage full of fox and drove away. The next morning when the Mother and Father Fox woke up, they discovered all of the little fox gone.

They called and called for them, but no answer.  They knew that fox had broken their promise to not go into the deep woods.  Mother Fox told Father Fox that they had to go find the big man and get the little foxes back.  Mother Fox had heard of stories about a big man who would steal fox and make coats out of their fur.   They had to find them now!

Mother and Father Fox went into the woods and found a scent of their family.  They followed the scent and it leads them to an old shack in the woods.  They could hear the fox crying for help.  Mother and Father Fox knew they would have to wait for the big man to leave before they could rescue their family.

Later that night when it was really dark, the big man left the shack in his old truck.  Mother and Father Fox knew this would be the only time they would be able to save their family.

They snuck into the shack and unlocked the cages.  The fox family were so happy to see them!  Mother Fox told them to run fast and get back to their home.  Everyone ran out of the shack, into the woods and didn’t stop running until they got home.

The big man returned to the shack and saw that all of the fox had escaped!  He jumped into his truck and started driving to look for the fox when suddenly a policeman drove up in his car and told the big man that he knew he had stolen all of the fox!  The policeman took the big man to jail and now all of the fox were safe.

The next morning Mother and Father Fox told the little fox that they could no longer go into the woods.  The little fox were so happy to be home that they all promised to never go into the deep woods again!

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