Young Scientists Shine at the Annual Science Fair at Spaulding Youth Center

May 05, 2014

Friends and relatives of students at Spaulding Youth Center recently enjoyed an afternoon learning about a variety of scientific queries at the annual Science Fair. Principal Colleen Sliva was very proud of the students’ projects and commented, “Each student utilized the scientific process in a meaningful way to connect with education standards by exploring a topic of their interest, developing a hypothesis, conducting an investigation, collecting data, analyzing the results and drawing a conclusion. Students displayed the results with pride and enthusiasm and guests were impressed by the depth and breadth of the projects they encountered.”

There was a vast array of topics explored including photosynthesis, solar cooking, the eating habits of the Venus flytrap and the effect of music on plant growth. Gina O’Leary’s students made compost with leftover food from the dining hall and a few hundred worms. Their hypothesis was: “Providing information on food waste will result in less food waste.” They concluded that their hypothesis was correct. The weight of food wasted decreased by 12.18% after pamphlets regarding food waste were distributed in the dining hall.

Spaulding Youth Center leverages professional expertise to help young people with autism or other developmental and/or behavioral challenges learn the academic and life skills needed to be successful in their homes, schools and communities.

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