Spaulding Youth Center’s Annual Science Fair Shines in New School Setting

April 23, 2012

By any scientific measure, the first Science Fair and Open House for families held at Spaulding’s contemporary new school on April 20, was a resounding success. The bright hallways, town hall gathering area and large classrooms were abuzz with parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and staff marveling at the variety, creativity and sophistication of the students’ projects.

As they entered classrooms, visitors were greeted by students and teachers eager to show their experiments and to share their many discoveries. Students, wearing the medals and ribbons they earned in the judging process, proudly stood alongside their colorful project displays answering questions. Interactive SMART Boards were filled with data, graphs and videos of the experiments, creating a multimedia classroom display.

“I was so impressed to watch our students totally engaged in their science projects and using the tools in our new science lab. All our classes had the opportunity to work in the lab. They wore goggles and gloves, used microscopes and test tubes, worked together on the multi-touch SMART Board and recorded their data in notebooks. They did a fabulous job,” commented Colleen Sliva, school principal.

One class succeeded in turning muddy swamp water into clear drinking water by following specific scientific steps and processes; another class measured the absorption rate of different paper products; and yet another discovered the many colors found in ‘black’ shadows. Individual students worked on exploring and demonstrating how air moves objects by building a windmill, a sailboat, paper airplanes and a wind chime display. Another student measured changes gained in his balance and flexibility by practicing a YOGA pose; and carefully measured and documented laps around the quad proved to increase the walking speed for another student scientist. And then there was the erupting volcano, exploding bottle rocket, and the scientific comparison of several different types of well used sneakers.

“It is so gratifying to see the school in action – students, teachers, families, staff and friends all together in this exciting learning environment. Today, Spaulding’s ‘cool’ new school more than lived up to its billing as a place for wonder, a place for discovery and a place for success,” stated Susan S. Calegari, Spaulding’s CEO and President.

Spaulding Youth Center is a leading provider of educational, therapeutic and foster care programs and services for children and youth with autism, neurological, or behavioral challenges. Spaulding proudly serves youth and their families – transforming lives and helping children and youth achieve their full potential.

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