Spaulding Youth Center Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Recognizes Community Award Recipients

November 23, 2015

Spaulding Youth Center recently hosted our annual Thanksgiving dinner on campus for all students, campus staff, supporters,  community   partners  and  friends.  With  turkeys  once  again   generously  donated  by  MetroCast,  our  Food  Services   department  prepared  a  traditional  turkey  dinner  which   was  then  proudly  served  with  a  smile  by  Spaulding   students.

This  annual  Thanksgiving  feast  is  a  favorite  tradition  for  those  both  on  and  off  campus.  Its   popularity  is  demonstrated  by  the  sheer  number  in  attendance.  This  year,  the  Thanksgiving   dinner  accommodated  256  attendees  over  three  separate  seatings  throughout  the  afternoon.
“The  Thanksgiving  season  is  an  excellent  time  of  year  for  Spaulding  Youth  Center  to  take  special   notice  of  those  who  support  our  organization  year  round,”  shares  James  Clements,  CEO  &   President  of  Spaulding  Youth  Center.  “Each  year,  the  annual  Thanksgiving  Dinner  provides  our   team  the  opportunity  to  recognize  those  who  have  provided  decades  of  support  as  well  as   those  who  have  more  recently  included  Spaulding  in  their  charitable  activities.  The  students   were  thrilled  to  show  their  appreciation  as  well,  all  while  celebrating  a  tradition  they  cherish   here  on  campus.”


As part of this year’s celebration, Spaulding Youth Center also recognized this year’s community award recipients  for  their  extensive  and  ongoing  support:

The  8th  Annual  Arthur  H.  Nighswander  Community   Partner  Award  recipients  are  Fred  Caruso,  Program   Director,  and  Amy  Bates,  News  Director,  of  Mix  94.1   and  WTFN.  Mr.  Caruso  and  Ms.  Bates  orchestrate the  Mix  Cash  and  Cans  fundraiser  which  provides  funding  for  the  holiday  food  drive  for  eight   central  NH  organizations,  including  Spaulding  Youth  Center.  The  dynamic  duo  also  supports   special  happenings,  trainings  and  events  for  Spaulding  throughout  the  year.

 The 10th Annual You’ve Got a Friend Award recipient is Tilton School for their community service activities  onsite  at  Spaulding  Youth   Center.  A  long-­‐time  community  service  partner   to  Spaulding,  Tilton  School  has  organized  a   group  of  10-­‐12  students  who  visit  the   Spaulding  campus  each  week  to  engage  in   activities  with  our  students.  In  addition,  Tilton   School  will  occasionally  host  Spaulding  School   students  at  their  campus  for  additional   activities.  Tilton  School  representatives  and   program  champions  Julie  Caldwell,   Community  Service  Director,  and  Layne   Whitley  were  in  attendance  at  the   Thanksgiving  dinner  to  receive  the  award.

Spaulding  Youth  Center  is  a  leading  provider  of  services  for  children  and  youth  with   neurological,  emotional,  behavioral,  learning  and/or  developmental  challenges  including   Autism  Spectrum  Disorder.  Services  include  academic,  behavioral  health,  residential,  foster   care,  health  and  wellness  and  family  support.  Spaulding  Youth  Center  Foundation  is  a  tax-­‐ exempt  501  (c)(3)  nonprofit.   For  information  about  Spaulding  Youth  Center,  visit

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