Spaulding Spirit Award Presented to All Staff Members

May 15, 2020

Northfield, NH – Spaulding Youth Center is thrilled to present its most recent Spaulding Spirit Award to ALL Spaulding staff members. Typically, this peer-nominated recognition is presented at each quarterly staff meeting to one employee who exemplifies Spaulding Spirit and makes peers proud to be working by their side. Due to current gathering size restrictions as well as health and safety guidelines, this announcement was made by the organization’s President & CEO, Susan C. Ryan, in a special virtual message sent to staff members (

The unconventional award presentation to all staff members is a response to the incredible care and dedication Spaulding employees have continued to demonstrate during the current COVID-19 crisis. Each program on our campus continues to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently to ensure Spaulding can continue providing the programs and services to support the children and families who need us most. Below are just a few examples of what has been achieved the past 8 weeks.

  • Residential: Our residential team are our front-line staff members, leaving the safety of their homes to report to work and provide 24/7 care and attention to our residential students. This includes helping students with their education, meals, showers, playtime, bedtime stories, and much more. Because of the devoted staff, our children feel safe and supported during this uncertain time.
  • Academic: Our special education teachers achieved a quick and successful transition to remote learning. Using tools like Google Classroom, Spaulding teachers and specialists provide virtual instruction and guidance to students. For our residential students, our on-campus staff engage and support students in their new academic environment. Spaulding teachers also meet virtually weekly with School Principal & Special Education Director Colleen Sliva to continue developing techniques and discussing ways to enhance delivery of comprehensive educational programming to our students and support to parents.
  • Clinical Services: Our clinical services department continues to support our children and families both on and off campus. For those families who are off campus, this department also provides virtual resources and updates via email and the Spaulding website’s Family Information page. They also orchestrated staff appreciation parades on campus to demonstrate thanks and admiration to those employees who continue supporting the children on campus. Here is a video compilation of the outcome:
  • Health Services: Our health services team is working around the clock to ensure Spaulding students and staff members remain safe and healthy. To support our front-line staff on campus, team members secured Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as face masks, face mask extenders, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and more. Health Services Supervisor Caroline Hanly also provides near daily updates regarding COVID-19 pandemic topics, including personal health and safety, do-it-yourself PPE instructions, and campus updates, and always in an easily digestible and somehow entertaining way.
  • Experiential Challenges Outdoors (EChO): Students continue to be encouraged to embrace challenges and take positive risks in a variety of outside activities through our EChO program. Our residential students have continued to safely participate in outdoor activities such as hiking and bike-riding. EChO staff members have even organized a new mountain biking club for students!
  • Food Services: Our food services team continue to follow CDC and FDA guidelines and best practices for food safety and handling. Food services staff members work diligently to prepare and cook healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals for our students, many who have special dietary needs. Though our dining hall remains closed, residential students are able to enjoy their meals from the comfort of their residence cottages.
  • Facilities & Grounds: With students residing on campus, the general maintenance of campus grounds is important, such as spreading 100 yards of mulch during unexpected snow flurries on our playgrounds. During the virus crisis, this department also has supported the increased sanitation and unique safety needs so that the children and staff on campus can remain as healthy as possible.
  • Administration: Most of our administrative staff were transitioned to work from home during the pandemic and their efforts are also remarkable. Like so many adapting to remote learning, these individuals quickly analyzed what was needed to transition to a remote location and continue to fulfill their daily responsibilities. From human resources to accounting, and information technology to administrative assistants, these employees have continued to do their part to support the critical efforts of their on-campus counterparts.

“I am honored to present this quarter’s Spaulding Spirit Award to not just one individual but to all of our incredible staff members,” said Susan C. Ryan, President & CEO of Spaulding Youth Center. “Throughout this virus crisis, the wonderful people who comprise our organization have continued to demonstrate their dedication to the Spaulding mission and the students and families we serve regardless of their individual contribution. I am proud to honor our entire team with this award and am looking forward to the day when we all will be able to celebrate one another on campus. There is no doubt in my mind that we will emerge as an even stronger organization after navigating the most challenging period in our nearly 150-year history.”

About Spaulding Youth Center

Spaulding Youth Center is a leading provider of services for children and youth with neurological, emotional, behavioral, learning and/or developmental challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder and those who have experienced significant trauma, abuse or neglect. Services include academic, residential, clinical, community based, foster care, and family support. Established in 1871 and known as Spaulding Youth Center since 1958, our scenic hilltop campus is located on over 500 acres in Northfield, NH and welcomes boys and girls from ages 4 to 21 from around the state of New Hampshire and beyond. Spaulding Youth Center is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For information about Spaulding Youth Center, visit

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