Spaulding Academy Celebrates Annual Science Fair

May 28, 2021

Spaulding Academy & Family Services (formerly Spaulding Youth Center) in Northfield recently held its 2021 Spaulding Academy Science Fair. This schoolwide, experiential learning event encourages students to explore exciting scientific concepts while maintaining a focus on the scientific method. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Science Fair was held virtually through a shareable and privacy-protected website designed by Spaulding’s Digital Learning staff. Classrooms could view each other’s projects, which ranged from discovering how arctic animals stay warm and learning about the DNA of a strawberry, to speaking to plants to help them grow and powering handmade cars using balloons. Students developed written summaries, posters, and experiment demonstrations, and enjoyed the hands-on opportunities to engage with science.

Click here to read coverage in the Concord Monitor. For print-ready PDFs, click here for the Concord Monitor and here for the Northfield News.


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