Becoming a Foster Parent

Spaulding Academy & Family Services is looking for compassionate and caring adults who are interested in becoming foster parents or visiting resources for children in need. “Being a foster parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.”


What is a foster parent? A foster parent is someone who can provide a temporary, safe, and nurturing home for a child in need. Foster parents are also part of a team that may include the biological parents, case workers, and others who are concerned about the safety, well-being and future of the child.

Who are the children? Children placed in foster care range in age from birth to age 18 and come from all walks of life. A child may be the victim of abuse or neglect or may live in a family where there is alcohol, drug abuse, or domestic violence. The child may have emotional, physical, or behavioral problems that require special care or supervision and consistent parenting. All foster children need a safe and nurturing home which is why a good match is key to success. Spaulding Academy & Family Services will fully assess the needs of the child and your interests and parenting skills before a child is placed in your home.

How do I learn more? To request more information regarding the Spaulding Academy & Family Services Foster Care Program, please complete the form below or contact