Multicultural Celebration – an annual tradition at Spaulding Youth Center

January 03, 2013

Spaulding Youth Center students recently presented their projects on holidays around the world at the school’s annual Multicultural Celebration. Presentations to fellow students, their families and staff members included a parade of Vikings, a samba dancing crew of Angry Birds, and a visual representation of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The students selected holidays that interested them and carefully researched their choices to create decorations, costumes, foods and informative videos representing the celebration. A few of the chosen holidays focused on the current holiday season – German Christmas traditions, the winter solstice and Kwanzaa. Other holidays included Up Helly Aa, a Scottish fire festival, Obon, a Japanese Buddhist festival honoring the spirits of ancestors, Carnival, as celebrated in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Native American Pow Wow and Festival, with ceremonial dances for worshipping and connecting with the earth.

This annual event has evolved over several years. Art and Music Program Coordinator, Andrew Raeside commented that the Multicultural Celebration, “began years ago as a Christmas play, later became Christmas Around the World,” and in its current incarnation is a broad canvas for students to demonstrate their knowledge and creativity.

Spaulding Youth Center leverages professional expertise to help young people with autism or other developmental and/or behavioral challenges learn the academic and life skills needed to be successful in their homes, schools and communities.

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