Joyce McKenney – Memories for a Lifetime

August 02, 2018
Joyce McKenney

Joyce McKenney

Joyce McKenney is no stranger to working with children or to Spaulding Youth Center. In fact, she worked at Spaulding for 23 years prior to departing the organization in 2005 to accept a position as Student Support Center Coordinator at Newfound Regional High School. In 2017, Joyce rejoined Spaulding Youth Center and was pleased to find a brand-new culture within the organization. She believes the Spaulding community is more vibrant, creative and positive than ever before.

As Spaulding’s Residential Living Specialist, Joyce now spends her time creating new and exciting activities for students that will turn into lifelong memories. During the month of June 2018, Joyce planned 32 community trips to create positive and happy memories for students who have endured so many obstacles throughout their young lives.

From after school activities to weekend off-campus outings, our residential students can participate in new and exciting experiences that are anything but ordinary. A horsemanship program, karate and dance classes, as well as community spirit events are just a few of the activities Joyce manages day-to-day for our students. She also coordinates with staff for weekly personal care trips to destinations like the grocery store, hair salon and clothing stores to help students build social skills and feel comfortable in their community. Joyce praises the staff for their endless dedication to teaching our residential students these everyday skills.

Joyce is also proud of the vocational opportunities she has created for Spaulding’s older students, including collaborating with local businesses and creating opportunities on campus in the dining hall and for special events. There are also plans in the works to open a campus store. This type of real-life experience provides students with the skills they need to one day enter the workforce with knowledge and confidence that leads to success.

We are so proud to have Joyce leading the charge creating enjoyable opportunities and developing independent living skills for our students. Through these activities, our students can develop positive memories that will last a lifetime and be the foundation of their healing and development.