Annual Authors Tea

November 15, 2023

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Spaulding Academy & Family Services recently celebrated a vibrant display of creativity and talent at its Annual Authors Tea. This event served as a platform for students to showcase their literary skills by writing, editing, illustrating, and publishing their own unique works. The culmination of their hard work was shared with guests and visitors, transforming the campus into a hub of imagination.

The Annual Authors Tea was not just an event but a journey that began with the spark of an idea and evolved into tangible, unique works of art. Students from various age groups participated in this creative exercise, guided by the dedicated educators and staff at Spaulding Academy & Family Services.

During the event, guests and visitors were welcomed to explore the work of each student, engaging in conversations with the proud authors about their inspirations and creative processes. The event was a celebration of not just the works of each student but also the courage and resilience they had to share their stories with the community.

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