Dennis Galimberti – Creating a Better Environment

March 04, 2019

Dennis Galimberti

Dennis Galimberti is no stranger to hard work – his extensive military background required it. Right out of high school, he was Active Duty status and stationed in Germany for four years. From there, he earned his criminal justice degree, working in that industry for fifteen years before seeking out his passion.

He started his journey as Facilities and Grounds Manager at Spaulding Youth Center in 2014 after working at another local healthcare facility as the Maintenance Director. While he enjoyed his time there, he was looking for a way his work could make a difference in the lives of children. He heard through friends that Spaulding was hiring someone to manage their facilities, and the rest, as they say, was history.

As Spaulding’s facilities and grounds manager, Dennis continues to widen an interesting and unusual gamut of skills. His typical tasks range from supervising other facilities and grounds staff, conducting campus-wide repairs and maintenance on building structures, managing landscaping and snow removal, timber management and more as he manages our nearly 500-acre campus comprised of mostly forests, streams and other natural features. When considering all of his completed projects, Dennis most enjoys renovating and maintaining Spaulding’s many buildings and is proud to improve the campus environment that everyone either works or lives in. He feels the staff and students truly appreciate the work he does and finds that his favorite thing about working at Spaulding is the work itself. He loves that his work makes a difference in the lives of the many children Spaulding serves.

Dennis still currently serves in the National Guard and has completed three international deployments over the past twelve years. In his spare time, he enjoys venturing out on his boat where spends time off-shore ocean fishing and lobster trapping.